Hertog Jan, Zedelgem, 4/26/17


Hertog Jan is located just outside the city of  Bruges in Belgium.   (They have a car out front but no ride was offered to and from the train station.) They moved from a smaller space and opened in this location, an historical farm, in July 2014.  The move was a direct result of their quest to obtain a third Michelin star but they received it before they were able to move.  According to Manager and Head Sommelier Joachim Boudens this gave them some headaches but because they had already started the plans for a bigger structure there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  The historic buildings gave them some challenges in creating the kitchen but the farm also allowed them to grow many of the vegetables and herbs they use in their cooking. Continue reading

Cafe Restaurant Ogenblik, Brussels, 4/25/17


Cafe Restaurant Ogenblik is two small rooms on different levels with windows looking out onto the street and one of the arched Les Galeries Malls.  The marble tables are all set on iron stands with wood benches lining the walls and sawdust coats the floor.  Each table has a light fixture that is adjustable as to the height from the table.  Napkins are of paper but are thick and embossed with the name of the restaurant. Best yet, they have a house cat that walks through the room and is very friendly – what a treat!   Continue reading

WY by Bart de Pooter, Brussels, 4/25/17


WY is a good-sized restaurant located in a Smart Car dealership.  It started 5 years ago in a Mercedes dealer that was taken over by Smart Car, and many of their materials still reference Mercedes.  I am putting it in out-of-order as there is a time limit to be able to visit there – they are closing May 20th, when the dealership closes.  There was a possibility to move the restaurant but management decided not to because the location was not in town.  It’s still serving tasty food and wines are half price so it’s a good deal if you are in the area.   Continue reading