McCrady’s Restaurant, Charleston, 3/8/17


McCrady’s Restaurant is a tasting menu only, not to be confused with McCrady’s Tavern which operates in the former McCrady’s dining room space.  The tasting menu option opened late summer of 2016 and offers one seating for a couple dozen people.  Doors open just 5 minutes before the meal begins.  Reservations are pre-paid but wine pairings as well as a fair sized wine list of bottles are purchased when you arrive.  There are 2 rooms, the entry room has a couple tables where a larger group could be accommodated and the second room with a U shaped reclaimed walnut counter which ends in an open kitchen.  Below the counter are shelves for glasses, plates and drawers for linens and flatware.  Service moves quickly to change out needs and get everyone served in a similar time frame.   Continue reading

Le Farfalle, Charleston, 3/8/17

sign out front

Le Farfalle is a large place with a huge bar area and outdoor patio also.  They serve Italian food in a very southern city which is a challenge and novelty. The main dining area has good table separation with a combination of tables and booths, high ceilings and friendly, helpful service.  As an option to ordering bottles of wine they sell house wines by the carafe and half carafe. Overall the food is nice and very acceptable but not overwhelming. The options for dessert were really limited as the pastry chef did not come on duty till 2:00 so your only option for lunch is a cookie plate or a sweet potato “something” – neither of which was appealing. Continue reading

FIG, Charleston, 3/7/17


FIG is a reasonably large one room restaurant with an additional bar space.  It did have one large table in the bar area and bar seating for walk-ins.  The dining room has one wall lined with banquette seating and a couple booths in back but the rest is composed of nice sized tables that are well spaced. The lighting is low and linens are nice but the napkins a bit small to stay well on the lap. It was packed when we got there for dinner but by 10:00 the crowd had pretty much moved on.  They have remodeled since we were there a few years ago including new light fixtures and art. The chef is Jason Stanhope who won the 2015 James Beard Foundation Award as Best Chef in the Southeast.   Continue reading

Husk Restaurant, Charleston,3/7/17


Husk is in a large 2-story historic home with a semi open kitchen, although no dining tables are located directly by it.  It has been successful enough in the original Charleston location to now have clones in other cities.  They are big enough to have their own Pinot Noir made for the restaurant.  We were there for lunch and even though there were a number of empty tables and we had a reservation we had to wait to be seated, as did many judging by the number of people sitting amongst the beautiful flowers out front.  There is also seating on the second floor balcony. In the entry you will immediately notice the list of sources for all their foods and a large wood pile which feeds the smokers and grills. Continue reading