The Cock and Bull Neighborhood Pub, Dallas, 9/7/17


Cock and Bull has been in the Lakewood area for many years and has gone through several owners.  It is a neighborhood bar but also serves non-bar food in the evenings and for weekend brunch.  Prices on the menu are very reasonable and they also offer a few nightly specials, two of which on the night we were there, were beef tenderloin preparations for $32 – so it could become a more moderately priced option.  They have a full bar but limited wines however on Wednesday night wines by the glass are 1/2 price and that makes them quite a deal.  Tables are set with nothing but lists of wine and cocktails and the flatware comes wrapped in 2 paper napkins.  Music plays in the background but the noise level was not bad however there were also lots of empty tables.  Service by the bartender was friendly, efficient and she was also willing to help with choosing menu items. Continue reading

Lakewood Landing, An Upscale Dive, Dallas, 1/1/17


Lakewood Landing has been around a long time – I can’t seem to find out how long – but a while to be sure. The exterior is non-descript with a newish wooden patio facing the street that was added when the smoking ban happened and an iconic sign advertising their contradictory status of  being both “upscale” and a “dive”.  Inside is a long bar separated from the tables by a wooden railing, a separate room with couch and pool table, and the dining room with a few well used booths and standing tables.   Continue reading

20 Feet, Dallas, 11/25/16


Marc Cassel of Green Room fame started 20 Feet a few years ago and it hasn’t changed much since then. In a strip shopping center, next to a beer-burger joint, it serves a limited menu for lunch and dinner. It is a reasonably large dining room and they have added a plastic enclosed patio with additional dining. I spied A/C and heating units to make it usable year-round.  The mussels from his Green Room days are on the menu but most talk was about their fried fish so that’s what we tried.  It’s a restaurant where you line up at the counter, place your order, pay and then take a number to your table.  They bring your food out to you. There is a large supply of condiments for you to use as well a pitchers of water and tea for refills, however they were nice enough to come around and refill our glasses.   Continue reading

Barbec’s Restaurant, Dallas, 9/27/16


Barbec’s has been around as long as I can remember. Located in an old Howard Johnson’s building it serves large, cheap portions of southern style food.  The service is efficient but sometimes you’ll have to ask for something rather than a waitress noticing and asking. They seem to be best known for their beer biscuits which are better at breakfast than at lunch, when they’ve been out of the oven for awhile. They offer a large menu and well priced specials for breakfast and lunch, but it is a cash only business. With the lunch specials there is a huge choice of sides to go with your entree, of which you’ll see a preponderance of chicken fried steak. Continue reading

John’s Cafe, 9/16 & 10/8/16, Dallas,


John’s Cafe dates back to the early 1970’s when it was further north on Greenville. Various lease and sign issues forced them to move slightly northeast for a couple years but then they found a new location on lower Greenville.  It is the same breakfast and lunch place with slightly more seating.  There is a lunch special everyday but John Spyropoulos seems to be mostly popular for his breakfast special, $6.99 for your choice of 2 eggs, choice of bacon, ham or sausage and hash browns and toast or biscuits.  He makes a number of tasty omelets, the Gyro being a favorite. Continue reading

Dugg Burger, Dallas, 9/16/16


Dugg Burger is in the Casa Linda shopping center offering a limited menu with a basic concept – the top portion of the burger bun is hollowed out to make room for the many toppings.  All of the toppings are included in the price and you pick which you want while your burger is being made to order.  Toppings start with your choice of cheese (American, cheddar or pepper jack) and then include mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, sautéed onions, fried onions, pineapple, peppers and various sauces.  The topping offerings vary so your only choices are if you want an extra patty on the burger, fries, beverage. Continue reading

House of Gyros, 7/5 & 10/14/16, Mesquite


House of Gyros is a small family run operation in an eastern suburb of Dallas.  They are attempting to open a second location so sometimes the Greek husband, who is the chef, is not there. He has trained some new folks but when he is there the magic is in the food. His wife, who is actually Italian, runs the front of the operation and she is as wonderfully friendly her husband.  They do lots of take out orders and can get a good crowd at lunch. The plates are generous and every time I’ve been there they bring out complimentary loukoumades, or Greek honey puffs, for dessert.  It’s an unhandy location but worth the drive if you have a craving for Gyros. Continue reading