Pickles Deli of Whidbey Island, Clinton, WA., 8/19/23

exterior – Kens Korner Shopping Plaza, 11042 WA-525 STE 122, Clinton, WA 98236

Pickles Deli is in a strip shopping center and open every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., except Sunday.   You can order in or call ahead and get your order to go.  The space has a high ceiling and a variety of pickle decorations as well as souvenirs for sale.  Lots of tables of different sizes in addition to a few outside are available.  In the entry room the walls are hung with bead-art pictures for sale and music is in the background.  The counter was busy filling to-go orders when we arrived and so it took a minute to get our order taken but it gave me time to look around and admire the beautiful cash register as well as the many containers of pickles.  They had a 3D hanging sign of a girl riding a pickle that was like the flat one on the wall outside the building. The people were friendly and the order came out pretty quick.  After you pay at the counter they bring the food out to your table.  The sandwiches were well stuffed with nice flavor so add this to your list when you visit Whidbey Island.  My main criticism of the place involves the assembly of the sandwich.  It was not evenly done, which is tough if you want to split one but it also changes the balance of the flavors. Continue reading