Mauro Colagreco, Restaurant Mirazur, Menton, 10/18/17


Mirazur is a 2 star Michelin place on a hillside in Menton, a short train ride from Nice and within shouting distance of the Italian border.  The restaurant is on the second story of a building that overlooks the water and hillside – a beautiful backdrop for the stunning food by chef Mauro Colagreco.  If you’re lucky you will snag one of the tables that sit aside these windows but the interior tables also can enjoy the view, it just seemed less dramatic.  The first floor has a small bit of kitchen, bathrooms and some more lounge type seating where you can enjoy coffee or after dinner drinks if you prefer.  Buenos Aires born Chef Mauro Colagreco opened Mirazur in 2006 and received his first Michelin star just one year later.  The second star was awarded in 2012.  They are open for lunch and dinner but do close for a winter break.  They offer a number of different tastings varying the number of courses included and you select which you want when you make your reservation.  Service was attentive and friendly.   Continue reading