Dreamland Supper Club, South Range, 7/21/18


The Dreamland Supper Club is not far off Highway 2 when heading east out of Superior, Wisc.  The current owners, Dan and Terri Patterson have had the place for 19 years.  Dan runs the front of the house and bar while Terri is the chef in the kitchen.  It is only open for dinner and has a good flashing bulb and neon sign signaling you to turn in.  You enter into the large dining room and the good sized bar is to your right.  Most people seemed to be having their cocktails at the table rather than in the bar, so we followed their lead.  The carpeted dining room has well spaced tables covered with an oil cloth set with paper placemats.  A cloth napkin stuffed with flatware is at each place.  The place is filled with paintings and one large mural of dogsleds in winter.  Half walls divide the room and the open spaces are decorated with artificial ivy.  The lights are lowered, music is in the background and the ceiling is loaded with stars and glitter – a real dreamland-like affect.  They are open Thursday through Sunday and in addition to the regular menu have a special offered every night.   Continue reading

Kounty Quarthouse, South Range, WI, 2/16/17


Kounty Quarthouse is a large bar/restaurant just outside of Superior, Wisconsin.  They were featured on the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives TV show and got quite a bit of notice from that, however they sold a little over a year ago.  The sale did include all the recipes and information that got them the original notice, but maybe some soul is missing because the inventors are no longer running the show?  Even though the sign indicates otherwise, they only take cash and checks right now. Continue reading