Cervecería Pittu, Madrid, 1/21/18


Cervecería Pittu has about 8 small tables inside along the bench seat walls.  A half dozen bar stools also are inside and there is a lot of patio seating.  The place has lots of brown wood, mementos on the walls and several televisions playing sports.  Paper napkins and mats set up the tables.  Service was friendly but with limited English.  The menu is large and most seemed to be eating rather than just there to drink.  There is a different price for things served on the terrace (higher) than inside and several items come in half and whole size.   Continue reading

Coque, Humanes de Madrid, 12/17/16


Coque is a 30 minute cab ride from the center of Madrid in an unlikely looking location.  They do have a good sized building which provides plenty of room for a large kitchen, several smoking ovens, a huge basement wine cellar, a medium sized main floor dining room and a downstairs lounge. Your meal moves you through all these areas in what is undoubtedly an attempt to make it a dining experience, not just a meal. The three Sandoval brothers,  chef(Mario), sommelier(Diego) and dining room management(Rafael), now own the restaurant started 14 years ago by their father.  Definitely a family operation, today even Diego’s son is working as a waiter in the restaurant. Continue reading

Restaurante La Buena Vida, Madrid, 12/17/16

front door

La Buena Vida is a small place in Madrid that has been run by Chef Carlos Torres and his wife Elisa Rodríguez for 16 years.  It is a cozy place of about a dozen tables dominated by a large wood bar and street windows, with subdued lighting and nice linens.  The lovely proprietors make you feel like you are in their home for dinner and our language barriers just didn’t matter. If you have the chance I highly recommend trying the terrific food and great vibe of this place.   Continue reading

DSTAgE, Madrid, 12/16/16


DSTAgE is medium sized place with a surprise tasting menu.  Your only choice is the number of courses and you do receive a copy of the menu when you are finished with the meal. It is a very casual setting but I did note a number of celebratory dinners being held. It is a staged meal with you moving through a couple stations to start the meal. We started in the bar area where you are encouraged to order a cocktail, but it is not part of the meal price. Continue reading

Restaurante Sacha, Madrid, 12/16/16


This was a repeat visit to Sacha, and the food continues to amaze me with its excellent tastes, textures and freshness. It is a medium sized place with nice linens and good spacing between the tables.  Sacha is the chef and the son of the original owners. The place is filled with ‘regulars’ and Sacha knows them all.  Reservations are a must. Little English is spoken but enough to work through the small menu of tasty choices.   The  maitre d’ took our order and helped suggest some different dishes along with offering to split plates when possible, and the young waiter who delivered the food was most helpful and actually was very conversant in English.  This visit the decorations included a number of cotton plant buds which added nicely to the shades of blue and large amount of artwork adorning the walls.   Continue reading

Restaurante Santceloni, Madrid, 12/15/16

Hotel that Santceloni is in

Santceloni is a fairly large elegant restaurant located in the Hesperia Hotel in Madrid. Large tables are spread out to give privacy to the guests and make service easy for the large number of staff.  The sparkler cart arrives as soon as you settle into your seat and the house Cava was not a bad buy at 11 euros a glass. The menu contains a number of a la carte items as well as a tasting menu with optional wine pairings.  We chose the tasting menu and our own bottle of white wine from the massive wine list. The sommelier helped pick a glass of red wine to accompany the one meat dish and gave us a complimentary glass of dessert wine to go with the sweets.  The wine storage is located off to one side of the room and is quite impressive.   Continue reading

Restaurante Lua, Madrid, 12/15/16

sign out front

Lua is a two story place with the main dining room downstairs and a bar/casual dining upstairs. Downstairs the 7 large tables are nicely spaced and set with nice linens but no flowers or condiments. They did have pleasant background music but you couldn’t appreciate it until the climate control cut out. The napkins are tied with a knotted string that was not easy to untie or get off the napkin.  The only option in the main dining room is a surprise 9 course tasting menu for 65 euros or with wine pairings it is 90 euros. The staff is okay but their English was limited and thus the explanations of the dishes was minimal.  This seemed odd for a Michelin starred restaurant, but the general vibe of the place was really laid back and not overly inviting. Continue reading