Frankie and the chefs

Chef with Frankie
Chef Alain Passard of L’Arpège in Paris
Chef Kreuther met Frankie
Chef Gabriel Kreuther, NYC
Massimo with Frankie
Chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy
Frankie made friends with Chef Wong
Chef Javier Wong of Chez Wong, Lima
Frankie made a new friend in chef Scott
Chef Scott of Saison, San Francisco
Chefs Marcelo Di Giacomo and Chiho Kanzaki of Clandé in Paris
Chef and Frankie
Chef Christian Le Squer of Le Cinq, Paris
Chef Nick Badovinus with Frankie
Chef Nick Badovinus of Neighborhood Services, Dallas
Owner Bob Prikryl met Frankie
Owner and cook Bob Prikryl of Dairy-ette, Dallas
Owner Todd Bucher and Frankie
Owner and cook Todd Bucher of Delta Diner, Delta, Wisc.
Matt McCallister of Ft33 and Filament in Dallas
Chef Matt McCallister of FT33 and Filament in Dallas
Chef Bjørn Svensson with Frankie
Chef Bjørn Svensson of Fauna in Oslo
Frankie with chef/owner Stephen Rogers
Stephen Rogers chef/owner of Gemma, Dallas
Chef Jesper Karlsson of Fäviken Magasinet, Järpen Sweden
Chef Mikael Svensson holds Frankie
Chef Mikael Svensson of Kontrast in Oslo
Jordan Bailey, head chef, met Frankie
Jordan Bailey, head chef at Maaemo, Oslo
Rob Drennan, chef from Texas and Frankie
Rob Drennan, chef from Texas currently at Maaemo in Oslo


Kevin Finch, NY, currently at Maaemo in Oslo
Chef Stephan Pyles and Frankie
Chef Stephan Pyles, chef and owner of Flora Street Cafe, Dallas
Chef with Frankie, Orsa and Winston
Chef Josef Centeno of  Orsa and Winston, Los Angeles, with the namesakes Orsa and Winston
Chef Josiah Citrin with Frankie
Chef Josiah Citrin Of Melisse, Los Angeles
Chef/Owner Joshua Skenes
Chef/Owner Joshua Skenes of Saison in San Francisco
Owner and cook Pam with Frankie
Owner and cook Pam Jungst of The Spot, Iron River, Wisconsin
Chef Carlos Cracco and Frankie
Chef Carlo Cracco of Cracco in Milan
Chef Cracco and Head Chef Luca Saccihi with Frankie
Chef Cracco and Head Chef Luca Saccihi of  Cracco in Milan
Chef with Frankie
Chef Antonio Guida of Seta, Milan
Chef Matteo Baronetto and Frankie
Chef Matteo Baronetto, Del Cambio in Turin
Chef Søren Selîn with Frankie
Chef Søren Selîn of AOC/Arrø & Co. in Copenhagen

Chef with Frankie
Chef Rasmus Kofoed of Geranium in Copenhagen
Frankie thanked chef Paul for the tour
Chef Paul of Geranium in Copenhagen


Shirley, owner and cook of Cable Cafe in Cable, Wisconsin
Chef Brian Hansen of Søllerød KRO in northern Copenhagen
Chefs Esteven Bruno, Elia Battistel, David Scarpa of Osteria Anice Stellato, Venice
Chef Rafa Peña of Gresca, Barcelona
Owner & Chef  José Luis Díaz of Sense Pressa, Barcelona
Pastisser Jordi Roca of El Celler de Can Roca, Girona
Chef Quentin Giroud of ASPIC in Paris
Chef Thomas Brachet of Les Arlots in Paris.
Chef David Rathgeber of L’Assiette in Paris
Chef Juan Miguel Sola Prado and his wife Anabel Navarro, la Manduca de Azagra in Madrid
Chef Oscar Velasco, Santceloni in Madrid
Chef Sacha Hormaechea, Sacha in Madrid
Chef Mario Sandoval, Coque in Madrid
Chef Carlos Torres, La Buena Vida in Madrid
Chef Brennan with Frankie
Chef Patrick Brennan, Brennan’s in New Orleans
Chef Enrique Hernández who gave us the kitchen tour
Chef Enrique Hernández, Pujol in Mexico City
Chef Francisco Ibañez
Head Chef Francisco Ibañez, Pujol in Mexico City
Chef/owner Doña Elena, Nicos in Mexico City
owner and Frankie
Chef and owner Sarah Fiore, Buca Yorkville in Toronto
Chef Patrick Kriss and sommelier Christopher Sealy, Alo in Toronto
Amanda Bradley, co-owner of Alo in Toronto
Chef Adam Robinson of Chabrol in Toronto
Morgan Kalk, manager and cook of The Other Place in Iron River, Wisconsin
Chef Junior Borges, Executive Chef of the Joule Hotel Group in Dallas
Chef/Owner Michael Caballo of Edulis in Toronto
Toby Nemeth, chef/owner of Edulis in Toronto
Pasta Chef Chris Ratcliff of Quince in San Francisco
Chef Keiko Takahashi,  Keiko a Nob Hill in San Francisco
Chef Jason Stanhope of FIG, Charleston
Chef Toshitaka Omiya of Alliance in Paris
Chef Laurent Magnin of L’Arcane in Paris
Chef Jean-Louis Nomicosof Les Tablettes in Paris
Chef Stéphane Pitré of Louis in Paris
Chef Adeline Grattard of Restaurant Yam ‘Tcha in Paris
Chef Agostino Doria of L’Osteria di Santa Marina in Venice
Chef Luciano Orlandi
Chef Luciano Orlandi of Osteria Boccadoro in Venice
Chef Vanda (Anna Bianchi) of Trattoria Dalla Marisa in Venice
Chef Giancarlo Perbellini of Casa Perbellini in Verona
Chef Masahiro Homma of Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti in Venice
Owner and Pastry Chef Diane Rankin of al Covo in Venice
Chef Cesare Benelli of al Covo in Venice
Chef Gert de Mangeleer of Hertog Jan in Zedelgem
Chef Christophe Hardiquest of Bon Bon in Brussels
Chef Peter Goossens of Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem, Belgium
Chef and Frankie
Chef Jean-Pierre Bruneau of Bruneau in Brussels
Chef David Martin of La Paix in Brussels
Sophie and Thierry Theys of Nuance in Duffel
Chef Lionel Rigolet of Comme Chez Soi in Brussels
Chef Graham Mee of Graham’s Kitchen in Amsterdam
Executive Sous Chef T. Groot of Bord’eau in Amsterdam
Frankie and the team!
Gerard, Yaw and Arian of Daalder in Amsterdam
Chef with Frankie
Chef Fredrik Berselius of Aska in New York City
chef with Frankie
Chef Christian Orostica of 99 in Santiago
Chef Rodolfo Guzmán and Frankie
Chef Rodolfo Guzmán of Boragó in Santiago
Chef Mi
Chef Miguel Olascuaga of Liguria in Santiago
Chef Kenna Dollete and Frankie
Chef Kenna Dollete of Selden Standard in Detroit
Chef Cody Szabo and Frankie
Chef Cody Szabo of Selden Standard in Detroit
Chef Kirill Ter-Martirosol
Chef Kirill Ter-Martirosol of Fiskmarkaðurinn (Fish Market) in Reykjavik
Chef Ryan Prewitt and Frankie
Chef Ryan Prewitt of Peche in New Orleans
Chef Frank Brigtsen and Frankie
Chef Frank Brigtsen of Brigtsen’s in New Orleans
Chef Blaine Wetzel of the Willows Inn on Lummi Island
Chef Blaine Wetzel of the Willows Inn on Lummi Island
Head Chef Josh Hermias of minibar in Washington D.C.
Beverage Director Matthew Poli and Chef Ryan Poli of Catbird Seat in Nashville
Chef Leina of Catbird Seat in Nashville
Pastry Chef Patrick of Catbird Seat in Nashville
Chef Tom Kitchin of The Kitchin in Edinburgh
Chef Dominic Jack of Castle Terrace in Edinburgh
Chef Scott Smith of Norn in Edinburgh
Chef Justin Woodward of  Castagna in Portland, OR.
Chef Ryan Roadhouse of Nodoguro in Portland, OR.
Chef Mauro Colagreco of Restaurant Mirazor in Menton, France
Chef Rutger Eysvogel and Frankie
Chef Rutger Eysvogel of Restaurant JAN in Nice
Chef Christophe Cussac and Chef Homer were visited by Frankie
Chef Christophe Cussac and Chef Homer of Joël Robuchon Monte-Carlo in Monaco
Chef and Frankie
Chef Dominique Le Stanc of La Merenda in Nice
The pastry chef crew met Frankie
The pastry chef crew of Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse à L’Hôtel De Paris in Monaco
Chef and Frankie
Chef Dominique Lory of Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse à L’Hôtel De Paris in Monaco
Chef Mickaël Tourteaux and Frankie
Chef Mickaël Tourteaux of Flaveur in Nice
Chef Brent Hanner of The Spot in Iron River, Wisconsin
Chef Brent Hanner of The Spot in Iron River, Wisconsin
Chef Adrien Ferrand of Eels in Paris
Chef Takayuki Nameura and Frankie
Chef Takayuki Nameura of MONTÉE in Paris
Chefs Ryunosuke Naito and Kwen Liew of Pertinence in Paris
Chef and Frankie
Chef Daniel Baratier of Déserteurs in Paris
Chef Marc Condonnier and Frankie
Chef Marc Condonnier Of Gare Au Gorille in Paris
Chef Pierre Sang and Frankie
Chef Pierre Sang of Signature by Pierre Sang in Paris
chef and frankie
Chef John Wyer of Forest Avenue in Dublin
Chef Ross Lewis and Frankie
Chef Ross Lewis of Chapter One in Dublin
Chef Patrick Guilbaud and Frankie
Chef Patrick Guilbaud of Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud in Dublin
chef and Frankie
Chef Ciaran Sweeney  of Forest & Marcy in Dublin
chef with Frankie
Chef Eanna McAtamney of Forest & Marcy in Dublin
Chefs with Frankie
Chefs Brendan Kearney and Kevin O’Donnell of Bastible in Dublin
Chef Mickael Viljanen and Frankie
Chef Mickael Viljanen of The Greenhouse in Dublin
Chef Rodney Wages and Frankie
Chef Rodney Wages of R.T.B. in San Francisco
Chef George Chen and Frankie
Chef George Chen of Eight Tables in San Francisco
Owner and cook Seth Byars and Frankie
Owner and cook Seth Byars of The Parlor on Commerce in Dallas
Chef and Frankie
Chef Julio Fernández Quintero of Abantal in Seville
Chef and Frankie
Chef Santi of La Azotea in Seville
with Frankie
Chef Ernesto Ballarin of Trattoria Vini Da Arturo in Venice
Chef Regino Rojas and Frankie
Chef Regino Rojas of Purepecha Room in Dallas
Chef and Frankie
Chef and owner Val M. Cantu of Californios in San Francisco
with Frankie
David Yoshimura, Chef de Cuisine of Californios in San Francisco
Chef Suzette Greshen of Acquerello in San Francisco
Chef Bruno Verjus and Frankie
Chef Bruno Verjus of Table in Paris
Chef and Frankie
Chef Indra Carrillo of La Condesa in Paris
Chef Antonin Bonnet and Frankie
Chef Antonin Bonnet of Quinsou in Paris
Chef and Frankie
Chef Noam Gedalof of Comice in Paris
Chef and Frankie
Chef Giulio Terrinoni of Per Me in Paris
chef and Frankie
Head Chef Greg Austin of Ledbury in London
Chef and Frankie
Chef Clare Smyth of Core in London
Chef and Frankie
Chef Dale Bambridge of Pollen Street Social in London
Chef Heiko Nieder and Frankie
Chef Heiko Nieder of The Restaurant at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zürich
Chef and Frankie
Chef at La Zagra in Zürich
Chef and Frankie
Chef at the Charles in Dallas
Chef and Frankie
Chef Isaul Perez of Isa in Portland, Maine
Chef and Frankie
Chef Larry Matthews Jr. of Back Bay Grill in Portland, Maine
Chef and Frankie
Chef Masa Miyake of Miyake in Portland, Maine
Sascha Speckemeier and Chef Sidny Schutte and Frankie
Sascha Speckemeier and Chef Sidny Schutte of Librije’s Zusje in Amsterdam
chefs and Frankie
Chefs Raymond Plat and Thomas Groot of 212 in Amsterdam
cook and Frankie
Chef Terri Patterson of Dreamland Supper Club in South Range, Wisconsin
Owner and Frankie
Chef Dale Hanson of DaLou’s in Washburn, Wisconsin
Chef Ben and Frankie
Chef Ben Starr of frank. (Underground) in Dallas
Chef Jenny and Frankie
Chef Jennie Kelley of frank. (Underground) in Dallas
Chef Adrian and Frankie
Chef Adrien Nieto of frank. (Underground) in Dallas
Chef Doodles and Frankie
Chef Doodles of frank. (Underground) in Dallas
owner and Frankie
Cook/Owner Holly shirk of Holly Dogs in Anchorage
Couple and Frankie
Tyler and Crystal of El Green-Go’s in Anchorage
Chef and Frankie
Chef Smitty of F Street Station Bar and Grill in Anchorage
ChefOwner Misti Norris and Frankie
Chef Misti Norris of Petra and the Beast in Dallas
Chefs and Frankie
Chefs Jamie, Janie and Andres of Dante in Cleveland
Chef Torsten Michel and Frankie
Chef Torsten Michel, Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube, Baiersbronn, Germany
Chef Claus Peter Lumpp of Restaurant Bareiss, Baiersbronn, Germany
chef an dFrankie
Chef Mario Gamba of Acquarello, Munich
Chef and Frankie
Chef Hans Haas of Tantris, Munich
Chef and Frankie
Chef Jan Hartwig of Restaurant Atelier, Munich
Chef and Frnakie
Chef Tohru Nakamura of Werneckhof, Munich
Helen and Frankie
Chef Helen Hyde and husband Don of Hyde’s on Buskey Bay, Iron River, WI.
Chef Jimmy Papadopoulos and Frankie
Chef Jimmy Papadopoulos of Bellemore, Chicago
Chef/Owner Tribet Nicolas
Chef/Owner Nicolas Tribet of Le Vent D’Armor, Paris
Chef and Frankie
Chef Christophe Pelé of Le Clarence, Paris