Meals Around the World – About Me

My husband and I love to travel to try out restaurants, from grunge to 3 star Michelin. Frankie is a cute little stuffed cat I picked up in Frankfurt, Germany who has become our dining companion on these journeys. She makes it fun to find different places to pose her in and some of the restaurant personnel really take to her and want to pose her themselves. In the masthead the waiter wanted to give her a kitchen tour and one of the chefs thought she could take on their piranha.  I hope you enjoy her explorations as much as we have.  As I ready pages of restaurants in places we’ve been if she doesn’t show up it just because we hadn’t found each other yet

Helen and Frankie


14 thoughts on “Meals Around the World – About Me

  1. This is a fantastic idea..wonderfully clever and useful! I will share it with friends as many of mine travel the globe in search of great food and atmosphere.



    I am working as photo editor for the german food magazine “essen & trinken” from the publishing house Gruner + Jahr in Hamburg. We are actually preparing our June issue, which will be published the 11 May.
    In each issue we are presenting on our magazine-pages a concierge, who talks about his most favorite restaurants, bars and cafés etc.
    In this issue it is the concierge from the Hotel Rival in Stockholm and one of his favorite food addresses is THE restaurant “Prinsen”

    For this I would like to ask, if you could send us a variety of high resolution images which I found on your blog?

    I’ m looking forward to your reply by mail to as soon as possible and say thanks in advance

    Kind regards from Hamburg

    Martina Raabe
    Bildredaktion/picture desk

    Gruner+Jahr GmbH & Co KG
    Am Baumwall 11
    20459 Hamburg
    Postanschrift: 20444 Hamburg

    Telefon +49 (0) 40 37 03-3848
    Telefax +49 (0) 40 37 03-5677


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