Restaurant Prinsen, Stockholm, 6/25/15

Prinsen exterior
Prinsen exterior

A larger restaurant that’s been in business since 1897! We were too late arriving for a lot of lunch places, but this place serves its menu all day long, but it is strange to eat with so few other people. We selected two traditional dishes of Stockholm. Shrimp toast is like shrimp salad on a buttery chunk of toast. Continue reading

Esperanto in Stockholm, Sweden, 6/27/15

Frankie checks out table flowerComing up the stairs

The main Esperanto restaurant (second floor of the green building) was not open due to summer vacation during our visit. Instead they offer a smaller dining room (which is the hallway outside of the regular dining room) and a limited menu in what they call “Franska Sommarsalongen” or French Summer Salon. Continue reading