Tony Packo’s , Toledo, OH, 9/27/23

front –1902 Front St, Toledo, OH 43605

Tony Packo’s is a huge place that’s been in business since 1932.  Tony and his wife got a $100 loan during the Depression to open a sandwich shop where he created his signature “Hungarian Hot Dog.”   They gradually grew the shop to the size and fame of what it is today.  Burt Reynolds was the first to sign a hot dog bun in 1972 and that started a trend that would go for generations.  Today, however, the famous put their autograph on a foam replica of the original bun.  The walls were lined with cases of these signed buns including the only few original real buns that remain.  There are now a number of locations in Ohio but this was the orginal and although the food is average it’s worth going to, to see all these buns. Service was available in the bar area otherwise grab a cafeteria tray at the order counter and pay, and by then your food is ready.  A drink station is in the center of the room for self-service.  They only offer Steudel or cookies for dessert. Continue reading