The Brick House Cafe, Cable, 7/21/18


The Brick House is in an old brick house that has a small interior dining space and order counter.  There were also a number of tables on a patio outside and a couple small metal ones on the porch of the house.  A couple of rocking chairs are also on the porch and would be a nice place to enjoy your morning coffee and maybe a muffin.  We were there during the breakfast hour but they also serve lunch and then close at 3:00.  There were lots of flowers around the house and inside, probably because it was summer time.  Inside the walls are filled with placques and pictures and the wall over the coffee machine is primarily about Diners, Drive-ins and Dives visit to the place.  No music is in the background but there was a constant stream of people coming and going.  Natural light comes in through the many windows, but air conditioning is there if it gets hotter.   Continue reading

Cable Cafe, Cable, Wisconsin, 8/29/16 & 10/3/16


Cable Cafe is a small place that you’d easily drive by but inside you’ll find good, solid home cooking. It’s made up of a counter that seats about 6 and a dining room of another 6 tables. The bathrooms are around back, so you have to walk outside to use them.  There’s usually one waitress, one cook and a counter full of ‘regulars’ sharing conversation. Shirley, the owner, is usually in the kitchen and Jamie is waiting out front. They are a perfect in-tune pair of workers.  It is cash only.  The place is filled with whimsical decorations which can entertain you if you sit in the dining room and have to wait for food. Snag a seat at the bar if you can and whoever is there will start a conversation with you in no time. Also Jamie will keep your cup filled and you can get a glimpse of the other food coming out of the kitchen.   Continue reading