Accents, Paris, 3/25/17


Accents is a medium sized long restaurant with about 12 bare wood tables and little wall adornment. They only opened 3 months ago, in Dec. of 2016.  Some of the walls are exposed brick and the floor is concrete but the tables are spaced well enough that noise is not a problem. The chairs are comfortable  and there is soft background “elevator” music.  They serve a 6 course surprise tasting menu or this night they also have a 5 course truffle tasting.  Wine pairings are available. The savory food seemed to try too hard – with lots of ingredients but sometimes under-seasoned – it didn’t really sing. However the pastry chef seemed to produce a better product.  Service is good with friendly servers who spoke great English.   Continue reading

Restaurant Yam ‘Tcha, Paris, 3/25/17


Yam ‘Tcha is a fairly small place (25 seats) that greets you with a cup of welcome tea. There are many Asian overtones to the interior as well as food.  Chef Adeline Grattard spent time in kitchens in both Paris and Hong Kong.   The food is precise and very good.  It is a fairly casual and draws a youthful crowd. They have been in business for about 8 years ago, but only moved to this location 2 years ago.  Excellent service people who all spoke great English made everyone feel very welcome. They all seemed to really like working there and water glasses never went dry, wine was poured when needed and pacing was near perfect.  When a staff works this well (attended to details but never felt hovering) it’s hard not to like the place – a good vibe.   Continue reading

Restaurant LOUIS, Paris, 3/24/17

street view

Restaurant Louis is a really small place of about 10 tables that has been open a couple years and draws a fairly casual crowd.  The decor is modern with a turquoise and gray color scheme carried out down to the table candles.  Tables are very close and most are 2-tops but all are set with chairs as opposed to a bench seat.   We were fortunate with this though, as it allowed us to interact with the lovely couple sitting next to us. They offer only a surprise tasting menu and you can choose between 6 and 8 courses.  They offer wine pairings but unlike the menu statement the waiter said not all courses come with a pairing, however pairings are all wine. The lighting is a tad on the bright side but the up side of that is better pictures.  The noise level is good.   Continue reading

Les Tablettes Jean Louis Nomicos, Paris, 3/24/17


Les Tablettes de Jean Louis Nomicos is a medium sized 2 room place with a very modern interior.  The woven wood ceiling and walls are a striking feature.  The polished wood tables are nicely spaced and set with good sized linen napkin in the main room and lovely full linens in the second room.  Service is top notch.  It seemed formal at first but as time went on we were able to establish a rapport for a most pleasant dining experience.  Chef Nomicos peaks into the room often to see that all is going well and later comes out to visit with his guests.  It gets a well dressed crowd but is a surprising value at lunch.   Continue reading

L’Arcane, Paris, 3/23/17


L’Arcane is a very small place with one side of the restaurant having floor to ceiling windows looking onto the street.  The wood tables are well spaced and topped with placemats and nice linen napkins.  Soft music as well as comfortable seating give it a cozy atmosphere, but the lighting was on the verge of being too brite.  The noise level only rose marginally when the restaurant filled.  The menu is a surprise tasting only but you can choose whether you want 3, 4 or 5 courses, with reasonable portion control.  We chose the 5 course. They do offer wine pairings and I noticed a line on the house glasses that I wondered if that was for fill level or decorative.  With a surprise tasting it is really difficult to select your own wine which a good sommelier can help with but that service didn’t seem to be available.   Continue reading

Restaurant Auguste, Paris, 3/23/17


Auguste is made up of 2 rooms, modern art,  and nice but not overly friendly service.  Tables are set with placemats and with no music the background noise is almost non-existent.  At lunch it offers a 3 course tasting menu as well as a la carte and specially priced house wine by the glass.  It is a fairly good deal.  We chose the tasting menu and house wines.  For the tasting you have 2 choices for each course.   Continue reading

Restaurant Alliance, Paris, 3/22/17


Restaurant Alliance is a small place, about 10 tables, that has been in this location about 15 months.  One end of the room is windows looking into the kitchen where you can watch Chef Toshitaka Omiya work his magic.  He makes trips into the dining room to check on the diners also.  The one dining room is modern in style with interesting circular ceiling fixtures providing a nice light level.  The noise level is very acceptable and probably helped by the various geometric shapes on the walls, carpeting and drapes.  Tables are close enough to that you don’t feel isolated but not so close that you have to move a table to exit.  Alliance offers two tasting menus of 6 or 8 courses and an a la carte menu.  I don’t think I saw anyone choosing the latter option. Continue reading