Restaurante 040, Santiago, 6/21/17

speak easy bar

Restaurante 040 is located in the basement of a hotel where you have to ring for entry but eating there will grant you entry into the ‘speak-easy’ on the rooftop.  The medium sized place had a fairly dressy crowd with background music playing and lots of white birds hanging from the ceiling in addition to wine glass racks.  As you enter the restaurant there is a bar from which we ordered martinis listed on their “classics” menu. From there communication broke down.  We agreed to their 12 course tasting menu only system, ordered a bottle of wine for dinner, stated no allergies and then were left alone as we watched all the other tables start their menu.  We flagged down the waiter and said we were ready for the wine and to start the menu and still nothing happened till they brought the wrong bottle of wine.   Continue reading