Alois Dallmayr, Munich, 10/25/18


Alois is upstairs over a busy delicatessen – the Dallmayr.  The entrance was a little hard to find in the busy store.  The red carpeted stairs were at one end without much marking.  The restaurant was made up of two rooms both with the same bird wall paper, but in different colors.  The bird motif was also used on their menu cover. The small stone tables have a metal binding around the edge and are widely spaced.  The windows along one wall overlook the busy street below and the color scheme is pink and purple.  All the chairs are set with an extra pillow and extra lamps in the windowsills have fringed shades.  Wall sconces had a mirrored reflector and music was in the background.  It was very stylized but with the lower ceiling and carpet noise level was not a problem.  They have been awarded 2 Michelin stars.  For lunch they only offered a 3 course menu, that did have 2 options for the first course.   Pacing was okay and portions were fairly small.  We ordered a glass of their rose champagne which was nice but 24 euros a glass.  They did start off each table with a warm moist cloth.  Continue reading