Breda, Amsterdam, 5/11/17


Breda is a fairly large casual place.  The rectangular space has a long bar with a few seats but mostly small closely spaced tables appointed with nice linens.  There is no background music but the sound of the conversing patrons provides a significant noise level, however conversation is possible.  The servers are all friendly and speak good English, but pacing is a little variable.  They serve only a surprise tasting of 5, 7 or 9 courses and they do not adjust portions.  However we got the “Full Monty” or 9 course menu and it was very doable.  Dishes all seem to have a little twist that elevates them beyond the usual and makes them quite tasty.  Tables are set with bread and butter, course salt, olive oil and a flatware rest so you can re-use your utensils.   Continue reading