Choux, Amsterdam, 5/10/17


Choux is the first floor of an office building.  They offer a special lunch for workers in the building and you will see many of the workers walking down the stairs to set up with computers or meet with colleagues at the tables.  Tables along the wall are for “outside patrons” who get a choice of a 3 or 4 course menu.   They also offer wine pairings at 7 euros per glass and you can choose how many glasses you want or select from a reasonably priced wine list.  At night the menu is larger and reservations are a must as they have been full every night in the two years they’ve been open.  There is no passed menu just an oral presentation.  I  was able to get one after the meal that is included here.  An open kitchen is on one end of the room and service was friendly and helpful.   Continue reading