Clown Bar, Paris, 12/1/16


Clown Bar is a small place located where the circus people used to hang out – thus the elaborate tile work in the front room of circus clowns and the large clown overhead.  The back room does not have this decoration but it does have a large table suitable for a party. The bare wood tables are set with paper napkins and the flatware is located in a drawer under the table. Our server, Pierre, was very nice and helpful in making our selections. Most plates are suitable for sharing and he even offered to split the dish in the kitchen when possible, which allowed us to sample a few too many items.  It is relatively simple food, combining good ingredients. The ambiance of the place felt very date friendly and most guests seemed more interested in the other people than the food.  They played a mix of American tunes while I heard mostly French being spoken by the guests.   Continue reading