Coop’s Pizza, Hayward, 2/8/18


Coop’s Pizza has been in business almost 40 years and serves primarily pizza but also serves sandwiches (including burgers), salads, snacks, pressure fried chicken and a few Italian plates.  They offer a good lunch deal but you have to be willing to eat buffet style.  It seemed to be the popular choice but we wanted to just try their fresh made pizza.  The large place has a few counter seats, lots of tables spread throughout a couple rooms and booth seating.  One set of booths is in a smaller room with windows to the street out front where a large patio is also available in better weather times.  A couple of the tables in the largest room are next to a huge aquarium and the rest of the place has lots of pictures and other decorations to look at.  There are a ton of horns around some used for door handles and some for lighting fixtures.  We were there in the winter and Christmas decorations were everywhere adding to the casual atmosphere.  Service was efficient and friendly.   Continue reading