Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, Nashville, 9/14/17


Hattie B’s is a well known place for Hot Chicken in Nashville and you can tell that by the line to get in.  You can count on 45 minutes or more if you get there much after they open.  The line is a mix of tourists and locals and the bakery next door was benefitting from some of the hungrier people who just couldn’t wait any longer.  The line leads to the counter where you order and pick up your drinks and get a number for your order to display at the table.  There are numerous combinations of chicken and 6 levels of heat for you to chose from from, no heat to “shut the cluck up!!!”.  Each order comes with some sides and then you can add more for $1 each.  They have several tap beers as well as cans but I saw no wine.  A cool pitcher of beer was just perfect after waiting in the warm sun and went well with the spicy meat.   Continue reading