Kadeau, Copenhagen, 9/24/16

doorbell and sign

Kadeau moved to a this location as of last January. They have a atrium next to the main restaurant where your meal starts and could end with after dinner drinks if you choose. They have an off-site garden on the island of Bornholm where the original restaurant is located.  Many of their herbs and vegetables are grown on the island from which they get weekly deliveries.  The kitchen is open from the dining room and entry and it buzzes with activity. The various chefs bring out each course and do final preparations and explanations.  All the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Magnus Kofoed, one of the owners, kept a close eye on the dining room to make sure all went smoothly.  He and his brother Rasmus (no relation to the Geranium chef) and Nicolai Nørregaard, who were all childhood friends (Magnus and Nicolai had their first job together at 11), are chef/owners.

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