Kronenhalle, Zürich, 5/30/18


Kronenhalle has been around a long time, being a gathering spot for writers and artists, like Coco Chanel, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce and Yves Saint Laurent, starting in the mid-1920’s.  The walls are covered in art some of which was supposed to have been given to the owners instead of cash.  In the same building is a wonderful old bar with a book of cocktail listings, as well a huge supply of liquors.  Luckily we were early for our reservation so we were able to spend some time at the 50+ year old bar watching the bartender go to great lengths to make a couple of cocktails that had been invented by other bartenders that have worked there.  It is my understanding that it was opened in a former hair salon. The dark wood walls and giant collection of bottles give the room a cozy feel and we weren’t surprised to find many other people already there.   Continue reading