Le Bon Georges (update), Paris, 12/6/19

Frankie shared the restaurant information

It’s only been a year since we were at Le Bon Georges but this time we went for dinner and sat in a different room, but it was still the most fun place with absolutely fantastically friendly staff.  I can’t stress how welcoming and gracious the staff are.  Helpful, fun and efficient,  they really make you want to come back and eat again.  This visit we sat in the lower room, that doesn’t have the bar.  It has a higher ceiling, a tile floor but like the other room has windows to the street, small bare wood tables closely spaced and set with large paper napkins and a chalkboard menu to order from.  After a fancy vegetable heavy lunch we wanted simple meat and potatoes. They sell Polmard beef by the gram and this night they had strip steaks ranging from 700 to 1000 grams.  This special beef is aged, which is rare in France, with a cold air system.  We added some of their fabulous fries to go with it.   Continue reading

Le Bon Georges, Paris, 12/1/18


Le Bon Georges is in the lower level of a corner building and divided into 2 rooms.  One room, set a little lower, felt a tad bigger and had a tile floor whereas the second room also held the bar and service area with the door to the kitchen and had a wood floor.  I think the noise level was better upstairs than below.  Tables are small bare wood, set with a high quality paper napkin, and close together.  Walls are covered with signs, objects and windows to the outside.  It has been here for only 4 years but feels like a place that’s been here for a much longer time.  The menu is on a chalkboard brought to the table as well as a large wall written version.  Service is ultra friendly and helpful with the atmosphere being cozy and fun.  I would recommend putting this place on your agenda. Continue reading