Restaurant LOUIS, Paris, 3/24/17

street view

Restaurant Louis is a really small place of about 10 tables that has been open a couple years and draws a fairly casual crowd.  The decor is modern with a turquoise and gray color scheme carried out down to the table candles.  Tables are very close and most are 2-tops but all are set with chairs as opposed to a bench seat.   We were fortunate with this though, as it allowed us to interact with the lovely couple sitting next to us. They offer only a surprise tasting menu and you can choose between 6 and 8 courses.  They offer wine pairings but unlike the menu statement the waiter said not all courses come with a pairing, however pairings are all wine. The lighting is a tad on the bright side but the up side of that is better pictures.  The noise level is good.   Continue reading