Mac’s Bar-B-Que, Dallas, 7/27/21

Frankie was sad to learn that her friend Billy McDonald closed Mac’s Bar-B-Que where she loved to eat!  She tried to come by and say goodbye to Billy and Debra (who worked there)  but the line was out the door and wrapped into the parking lot yesterday.  (Today it was locked up tight when we drove by).  We wish them fun and good times in retirement and hope our paths will cross in the future!

Frankie wanted to share the article in the Dallas Newspaper.

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Thanks for many delicious meals!

Mac’s Bar-B-Que, Dallas, 3/8/19


Mac’s Bar-B-Que has been a regular spot in my Dallas dining scene and somehow I forgot to take Frankie and photograph. So when we  last visited I got some photos to include on this series of Dallas posts.  Chef and owner Billy McDonald put Mac’s up for sale (2015) but that’s been a while and based on the crowd it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.  The restaurant opened in the mid-50’s and moved to this spot, very near the main Baylor Hospital, in 1982 when his dad and mom still had the place.  It’s a plain little place that you’d easily drive by but there is parking on the side and in back.  Inside the tables are good sized and spaced nicely.  Customers line up at the window and the menu is posted on the wall beside you.  While your order is being prepared you can chose from a nice selection of condiments, including pickle relish, onions, lemons, banana peppers, dill pickles and jalapeños.

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