Restaurant Yam ‘Tcha, Paris, 3/25/17


Yam ‘Tcha is a fairly small place (25 seats) that greets you with a cup of welcome tea. There are many Asian overtones to the interior as well as food.  Chef Adeline Grattard spent time in kitchens in both Paris and Hong Kong.   The food is precise and very good.  It is a fairly casual and draws a youthful crowd. They have been in business for about 8 years ago, but only moved to this location 2 years ago.  Excellent service people who all spoke great English made everyone feel very welcome. They all seemed to really like working there and water glasses never went dry, wine was poured when needed and pacing was near perfect.  When a staff works this well (attended to details but never felt hovering) it’s hard not to like the place – a good vibe.   Continue reading