Restaurant mesa, Zürich, 5/31/18


Mesa was a medium sized one star Michelin restaurant in a fairly residential neighborhood that has been open since 2003.  It is conveniently located right across from a tram stop and looks like an old house inside.  At lunch they offer 2 or 3 course menu where you pick your courses or a Surprise menu of 3, 4 or 5 courses where they pick the courses, many of which are also offered on the dinner menu.  We chose the 5 course surprise menu.   Tables are nicely spaced and covered set with white clothes and napkins.  Windows were on 3 sides, which let in lots of natural light during the daytime.  There was some outdoor seating, while inside there was a lowered ceiling, wood floor, black and white photos on the walls, purse stools and books in the windowsills.  Service was efficient but not overly friendly and they told me that all the food is made in house except the bread.  Courses were well spaced and portioned.   Continue reading