Neige d’été, Paris, 3/22/17


Neige d’été is a small 2 room place that offers only a tasting menu at lunch.  It is 4 courses with a supplement for an additional course of cheese. They offer wine pairings as well as a wine list.  The tables are nicely spaced and appointed with lovely white linens that are the dominant color scheme also.  The walls and woodwork are white washed and the main source of color are the beautiful deep pink roses scattered throughout.  No art but a few figurines add some interest.  It was a total contrast to have the kitschy plastic Eiffel Tower on the discs of sugar dish.  The place has a nice hum of background noise but the ambiance is stiff with service being really slow and sterile. The food was nice but it would not be on my list of places to go again.   Continue reading