R Place Cafe, Cable, 8/30/23

building – 41080 US-63, Cable.WI., 54821

R Place Cafe is a small place on the highway in northern Wisconsin.  They serve a variety of breakfast options till 1:00 and dinner on Wed and Friday from 4-6.  They are closed on Monday and Tuesday.   It’s a small family-run place with mom cooking in the kitchen and daughter waiting tables.  There’s a variety of tables and a few seats at the counter.  They bake their own bread as well as biscuits.  We’d driven by many times and never stopped but this day we did and we weren’t sorry.  The menu is on a chalkboard on the wall and there’s lots of brick-a-brack on the walls and surfaces to look at while you wait for your food.  Our server was super friendly and the food was good, honest items made with care.  I will go again and hope I’ll see you there.


sign on the road
Frankie enjoyed the signs
Frankie explored
Frankie pointed out the table condiments



The Skillet Special contained 2 eggs scrambled with American fries, onion, peppers, meat, cheese and toast. It came with a choice of housemade white or wheat bread, a cup of salsa and a packet of sour cream.   I chose white bread and sausage.  The bread was nicely toasted and came pre-buttered.  The scramble was tasty but made better with the addition of the salsa.  I didn’t add the sour cream but did like the Cable Skillet better.

Skillet Special


The Cable Skillet was made with hashbrowns, onions, peppers, choice of meat and cheese, topped with 2 eggs and then smothered in gravy.  The over-easy eggs were cooked nicely and blended in with the gravy and hashbrowns.  This one was recommended by the person sitting at the next table and I’m glad we tried it.  With a little hot sauce added it was a winner.

Cable Skillet


We tried one pancake on the side.  It had good flavor with butter on the top but the syrup was a generic thick style.  It was sweet but not maple.  If you want pancakes bring your own syrup.

Frankie looked around
Frankie found friends

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