Antiche Carampane, Venice, 4/14/17

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Another re-vist to Antiche Carampane, one of our favorite spots in Venice.  However tonight the food seemed to lack the soul it usually has, not enough to keep us from going back but enough to drop it from the automatic reservation it has been.  A fairly small place, it was packed as usual.  There is a fun vibe with the close set tables draped in nice linens and the walls covered with stuff.  Service is efficient and helpful but one server I had not seen before had no specials of the day to tell us about.  We waited for another waiter who was willing to tell us about the fish of the day and that soft shell crabs were available.   Continue reading

Antiche Carampane, Venice, 10/19/16


Antiche Carampane is another regular stop for us in Venice but the last few trips it has really been a standout. Another small place with tightly packed tables that are always full of locals as well as tourists.  There is often one bigger table of young people out for a night of great and reasonably priced food with friendly service. I will admit I wasn’t sure about the friendliness of the staff but after a number of visits they have really warmed up. It also helps to let the staff direct what you get – they know what is freshest and the best way to present it.  We give them an idea of how much we want and they won’t let you down – this applies to wine too.   Continue reading

Antiche Carampane, Venice, 10/23/15


A re-visit with a favorite spot where reservations are a must. They have roughly 2 seatings, 7:30 and 9:30, so if you want a more relaxed visit you might go for the later time. We have learned that the best is to order what the waiter suggests and just peruse the menu to whet your appetite. We started with the fish carpaccio and all were fresh and perfectly sliced. They are served with a sour cream like

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