Arpège (update), Paris, 12/6/19


It’s been 3 years since we visited Alain Passard’s Arpège and while the interior hasn’t changed the prices have continued to creep up and the surprise tasting lunch now contains no major meat course, that is to be ordered separately off the a la carte menu.  It’s still cheaper than dinner but it’s definitely more expensive.  They also have more expensive tastings and the a la carte menu if you so chose.  We took the surprise tasting and added the roast guinea fowl (lunch took about 4 hours).   I was surprised to find so many dishes that were similar to our past visits.  Another change was when we arrived they tried to seat us downstairs.  Mind you it’s a nice room downstairs and it is on the same level as the bathroom but it feels a little like you’ve been banished to the non-French room.  We asked to sit upstairs and they had to deliberate a bit which considering that no one was seated there seemed off-putting.  Chef Passard was in the house and worked the room and was most gracious when he visited with us, but I felt for those others who meekly took the table they were guided to.   Another change was that vegetables no longer adorn the tables as decorations and instead new plates add color to the table. Continue reading

Restaurant Arpège, Paris, 3/2/16

Chef with Frankie
Chef Passard with Frankie

Frankie and I posted a meal here last Dec. but it was so good we wanted to visit again and enjoy the meal of a different season. Not as heavy in protein courses as last meal but every bit as tasty. The surprise tasting menu at lunch is the best way to go here and seemed to be what the majority in the room were having. All the staff is so very  welcoming and friendly and the food is amazing.  It is a must stop if you have the ability! Hope you enjoy our March meal – we did! Continue reading

Restaurant L’Arpège, Paris, 12/3/15


This was our third visit to Chef Alain Passard’s  3 star Michelin restaurant that emphasizes vegetables and is a delight for the tastebuds. Chef is in the kitchen actually overseeing what diners are served but later in the meal will be out working the room and visiting with all the guests.  He truly seems to enjoy his work. It is a medium sized place with light wood and beautiful glass sculptures on the walls. They offer 3 tasting menus and an a la carte option.   Continue reading