Keens Steakhouse, New York City, 5/11&12/21

front door

We last visited Keens Steakhouse in May of 2018 and this trip we made a visit to the pub for a late snack and had a full lunch with friends in the main dining room the next day.  It is dark wherever you sit so photos are harder but it is worth the visit.  The dark woods, white table clothes, tile floor in the bar and pipes on every square inch of ceiling, give it the feel of a classic.  For the pandemic they have erected individual pods outside that are still there even though NYC is now allowing indoor dining.  Inside the tables and bar stools are all separated by plexiglass barriers and seating is spaced.  The nice thing about that is that it made conversation very easy as did the relaxed pace our server gave us both  days.  The food was all very good and nicely prepared in generous portions.  They are famous for their mutton chop and this time we were smart and split one. Continue reading

Keens Chophouse/Steakhouse, New York City, 5/19/18


Keens Chophouse is a large, dark place with closely set tables and the low ceiling is covered with old smoking pipes.  The dark walls are covered with photos, plaques and other stuff.  There is no music in the background but so many people are jammed in there talking you wouldn’t notice.  Tables had white clothes and napkins.   It has a clubby feel, with lots of tourists and groups of people celebrating something.  Service is friendly, efficient and helpful and the pacing of the meal was great.   Continue reading