Keens Steakhouse, New York City, 5/11&12/21

front door

We last visited Keens Steakhouse in May of 2018 and this trip we made a visit to the pub for a late snack and had a full lunch with friends in the main dining room the next day.  It is dark wherever you sit so photos are harder but it is worth the visit.  The dark woods, white table clothes, tile floor in the bar and pipes on every square inch of ceiling, give it the feel of a classic.  For the pandemic they have erected individual pods outside that are still there even though NYC is now allowing indoor dining.  Inside the tables and bar stools are all separated by plexiglass barriers and seating is spaced.  The nice thing about that is that it made conversation very easy as did the relaxed pace our server gave us both  days.  The food was all very good and nicely prepared in generous portions.  They are famous for their mutton chop and this time we were smart and split one.

entrance from the side
outside seating
carving in outside booth
pipe ceiling
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The Pub has a separate menu available all day but I think you could get items off the regular menu too.  All tables start with warm dinner rolls and a slab of butter.  They were nicely crisp on the outside and light and chewy on the inside.

part of pub
one bar in pub
real wood fireplace
tile floor
bar area


We wanted to try the Prime Rib Hash, as it is not on the dining room menu.  It seemed appropriate to enjoy it with a rye old fashioned.   The drink was garnished with a Luxardo cherry and a bit on the sweet side but they fixed that on the second round.   The hash filled a dinner plate and was topped with a fried egg.  It was perfect for 2 to split.  The egg was more cooked than I’d like but it did add a bit of moistness to the center.  Inside were chunks of prime rib, potatoes and onions all browned to a perfect crisp on both sides.  It was beefy and the potatoes and onions just melded in.  A great snack plate.

Frankie and some rye old fashioned
prime beef hash


When we were there for lunch the next day the clubby feel of the dining room screamed for a martini so we indulged.  Drinks are nicely made here and are pretty quickly delivered.   We split the “Our Legendary Mutton Chop” and the kitchen was nice enough to cut it up for us.  It was cooked medium rare as requested and good to the last bit.  Tasty meat that is aged in house makes for a nice alternative to beef.  It comes with house made mint jelly that was mild and a perfect accompaniment for the tender lamb.   If you get the chop rather than the “Taste of Mutton” you get the center of the chop filled with buttered escarole.  It was excellent.

mutton chop
little closer


Prime Filet Mignon was an 8 oz. cut cooked as requested and served with a side sauce if requested.  It was tender and good.  It came with a couple boiled yellow skin potatoes.

Prime Filet Mignon


Prime Rib of Beef, English cut was cooked as request and a nicely flavored piece of beef.   It looked tender and came with some nice green beans.

Prime Rib of Beef, English cut


Mashed Yukon Gold potatoes were fluffy and nicely enhanced by a bit of the butter on the table.

mashed potatoes


Keens’s Sauteed Spinach was a nice bowl of freshly cooked spinach.  Alongside you’ll see the  Bearnaise sauce for the filet.

spinach and bernaise sauce


Carrots with Brown Butter were sweet and really well flavored.



dessert menu 1
dessert menu 2

Our Family Carrot Cake was moist dense cake with a lovely layer of sweet icing.  I highly recommend this dessert, as did the server.

carrot cake


Creme Brulee had a nice crisp topping on a medium sized bowl of smooth custard.

creme brulee


Butterscotch Sundae was in a parfait glass and whipped cream was mounded on top of the ice cream.  It was topped with toasted almond and a butter waffle cookie.  The butterscotch sauce was a bit lost in the mix but it was a good sweet finish to a fine meal.

butterscotch sundae
Frankie posed


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  1. I see they’ve changed the presentation on the meats. I’m not a great fan of the pre-slice, but it seems to be what the Instagram set likes, so…

    1. They didn’t slice in 2018 visit and I think they did it this time cause we were splitting the chop. Bet you can still get it un-sliced.

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