L’Arcane (update), Paris, 11/28/18


We visited L’Arcane for the first time about 18 months ago and they hadn’t been open long (opened June 2016).  On this re-visit pretty much every thing that bothered me about the place has been corrected and food remains outstanding.  Get it on your list as soon as you can.  The tables are still small but well spaced and the lighting is at a good level.  Soft music is in the background and some decorative changes, like wide planked wood floors and nice artwork, have been made that are all for the better.  They now have a well deserved one Michelin star rating.  Chef Laurent Magnin is now married to Sophie Keller who runs the front of the house.  They offer a tasting menu only with the option of 3, 4 or 5 different courses, but there are a couple of amuse bouche to add to it.  There is no printed menu.   Portion control was good and pacing on the slower side but nicely regular as opposed to having long gaps. Continue reading

L’Arcane, Paris, 3/23/17


L’Arcane is a very small place with one side of the restaurant having floor to ceiling windows looking onto the street.  The wood tables are well spaced and topped with placemats and nice linen napkins.  Soft music as well as comfortable seating give it a cozy atmosphere, but the lighting was on the verge of being too brite.  The noise level only rose marginally when the restaurant filled.  The menu is a surprise tasting only but you can choose whether you want 3, 4 or 5 courses, with reasonable portion control.  We chose the 5 course. They do offer wine pairings and I noticed a line on the house glasses that I wondered if that was for fill level or decorative.  With a surprise tasting it is really difficult to select your own wine which a good sommelier can help with but that service didn’t seem to be available.   Continue reading