Cry Wolf (update), Dallas, 2/17/22


Frankie and I wrote-up visits to Cry Wolf in Nov. and Dec. of 2021 and then went back with my husband to enjoy their food again, without Frankie, in Feb 2022 (she was tired).  I am so glad we did!  The place has gotten much more crowded and now they have a reservation system which we were lucky to snag a table on.  Chef/Owner Ross Demers has changed the menu a lot each time we’ve visited, but a few items have been repeated.  The wine selection is small but extremely well selected and the sommelier, Tim can help find a wonderful wine to go with your dinner or the bartender was turning out lots of fancy cocktails.  The cozy place has lowered lighting, music in the background and lovely friendly service.  I can’t wait to go back and hope if you are in the area you will give it a try.   The plates vary in size but all have wonderful creative combinations full of flavor.  We were lucky to catch Chef Liam Byres before ordering and ask what he thought was special that night. Continue reading

Cry Wolf, Dallas, 11/26/21 and (update) 12/18/21

Cry Wolf opened 3 days ago at 4422 Gaston Avenue, a  space that formerly held a Subway and you’d never know it.  Chef/owner Ross Demers and his team have done a miraculous makeover to present a cozy, fun spot to have a delicious meal.  Chef Demers previously owned On the Lamb but also held positions at Flora Street Café and Beverley’s Bistro.  Alongside Demers in the open kitchen is another Fauna (part of Flora Street) alum, Liam Byres and also from there is sommelier Tim.  The less than 30 seat stylish place offers a small seasonal menu of gradually-increasing-in-size options – to mix and match as the diner prefers.  The plan is to change options as ingredients become available.  The interior has a long concrete counter facing the kitchen and bar where diners can eat and interact with staff.  There are also standard tables on the other side of the room.  Music is in the background and the lights are lowered but you can still see.   Get here before it gets so popular that you can’t.  This is a new favorite restaurant and highly recommended. Continue reading