Cry Wolf (update), Dallas, 2/17/22


Frankie and I wrote-up visits to Cry Wolf in Nov. and Dec. of 2021 and then went back with my husband to enjoy their food again, without Frankie, in Feb 2022 (she was tired).  I am so glad we did!  The place has gotten much more crowded and now they have a reservation system which we were lucky to snag a table on.  Chef/Owner Ross Demers has changed the menu a lot each time we’ve visited, but a few items have been repeated.  The wine selection is small but extremely well selected and the sommelier, Tim can help find a wonderful wine to go with your dinner or the bartender was turning out lots of fancy cocktails.  The cozy place has lowered lighting, music in the background and lovely friendly service.  I can’t wait to go back and hope if you are in the area you will give it a try.   The plates vary in size but all have wonderful creative combinations full of flavor.  We were lucky to catch Chef Liam Byres before ordering and ask what he thought was special that night.

menu and wine list
wine front
wine back


Bluefin Sashimi was topped with crispy chicken oysters in a chicken consommé and then all was crowned with oyster froth and truffle slices.  The broth was divine and blended perfectly with the truffle earthiness.  The delicate raw fish was tender and also great with the broth.  It was terrific.

Bluefin Sashimi, chicken oysters, truffle


A Live Diver Scallop was in brown butter alongside seared foie gras and topped with caviar and chives.  It was one large scallop that was completely tender and delicious.  It blended well with the rich foie gras and brown butter.  Mixed with a bit of caviar, each bite was a gift to your taste buds.  I could have eaten a bunch of these.

Live Diver scallop, brown butter, foie gras, caviar


Rosa Radicchio was a salad with fennel, frisse, grapefruit, spiced pistachios and of course radicchio.  It was nicely dressed with fun bites of bitterness in many bites and then the sweet contrast of the fruit would sneak in.  It was refreshing and lovely.

Rosa Radicchio, fennel, frisse, grapefruit, spiced pistachios


Turbot was topped with melted leeks and fresh chives, sitting on herbed cous cous with kumquats in a creamy wonderful sauce.  The fish was cooked perfectly and divine.  The cous cous was great mixed with the sauce and a bite of fish.  It all blended so well and just soooo good.

Turbot, melted leeks, herbed cous cous, kumquats


BBQ’D tuna collar was decorated with an avocado, persimmon and cucumber salsa and the plate was decorated with chili.  The generous amount of meat on the bone varied in doneness with the mid-section being nicely rare.  The salsa was really good and went well with the fish.  It was good but not my favorite that evening.

BBQ’D Tuna Collar, avocado, persimmon, cucumber, chili


Sakura Pork Chop was topped with Granny Smith apples, turnips, walnuts and mustard seed with a sauce of smoked soy butter.  This pork is fed on acorns while growning which gives it a lovely flavor.  It was cooked nicely and a generous portion of meat.  It was quite nice.

Sakura Pork Chop, Granny Smith apples, turnips, walnuts, smoked soy butter


Trofie pasta was mixed with Rock Shrimp and topped with Uni and garlic crispies.   Trofie pasta has a characteristic elongated and twisted shape and this one was in nice shorter pieces that gathered the creamy sauce.  The shrimp blended in perfectly as did the herbs on top.  The uni was the crowing flavor which upped it to another level of deliciousness.  A generous amount, it was hard to leave any in the dish.

Troifie, rock shrimp, uni, garlic crispies


Cry Wolf does not offer a dessert menu but does bring out a hand made candy made with interesting flavors and shapes.  It was a good sweet bite to end a fantastic meal.

bon bons

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