The Lucky Accomplice, St. Louis, 11/19/21

closer of neon

The Lucky Accomplice was opened in Fox Park in September 2020 by chef Logan Ely.  It is a long place with a bar with stools on one side and high top tables across from it and in the area beyond.  The kitchen is a light at the end of the room that is decorated with rabbit art and plants.  Also don’t miss the neon rabbit on the window to the street.  Rock music is in the background and the lights are very dim.  The menu is not printed, only available on a internet link.  A hum of conversation fills the place as well as a couple of large columns, exposed ductwork, a concrete floor and some chandeliers by the bar.  The tables are good sized and there are 3 large semi-circle booths at the front.  Service was friendly, open to making suggestions and very relaxed.  It is a pretty casual place. Continue reading