The Lucky Accomplice, St. Louis, 11/19/21

closer of neon

The Lucky Accomplice was opened in Fox Park in September 2020 by chef Logan Ely.  It is a long place with a bar with stools on one side and high top tables across from it and in the area beyond.  The kitchen is a light at the end of the room that is decorated with rabbit art and plants.  Also don’t miss the neon rabbit on the window to the street.  Rock music is in the background and the lights are very dim.  The menu is not printed, only available on a internet link.  A hum of conversation fills the place as well as a couple of large columns, exposed ductwork, a concrete floor and some chandeliers by the bar.  The tables are good sized and there are 3 large semi-circle booths at the front.  Service was friendly, open to making suggestions and very relaxed.  It is a pretty casual place.


Frankie shared the restaurant details
side window with neon sign
sign on the street
rabbit art
looking in the kitchen
chef in the kitchen
Frankie posed on the art
wall art
menu link
wine front
wine back



Warm Shelling Beans contained castelvetrano olives, preserved eggplant and green garlic topped with goat cheese.  There were a large number of beans in the dish mixed with many herbs including dill, and they were all cooked perfectly.  It was a delicious blend and paired well with the cheese on top.  The server suggested ordering the Warm Bread and cultured butter alongside a cauliflower and olive tapenade to accompany the beans.  It was an excellent house made bread with a lovely soft interior and a thin crust dotted with salt. This was an excellent pair of dishes filled with flavor and a generous portion.

Warm Shelling Beans and Bread
Warm Shelling Beans
warm bread and cultured butter and olive tapenade
bread from the side
Frankie studied the beans
stirred around


Shrimp Bisque and Grits with mussel stock and wakame was made with hominy grits.  The hominy were in chunks that seemed like they had been chopped.  The shrimp were also fairly small or chopped into pieces.  It was good but I was not a huge fan of the wakame or dried kelp powder.  Guess it made it more sea like.

Shrimp bisque and grits
Frankie likes having a bottle of water on the table


Roasted Maitake  was served on purple polenta with malt and soy.  The polenta didn’t seem very purple to me or the camera.  The mushroom was in large pieces that were hard to cut and was a little salty.  It is a meaty mushroom and worked best when mixed with the polenta and a bit of the sauce.

Black Trumpet Mafalda


Roasted Pork Collar was plated with broccoli persillade and salted lemon.  The meat was very juicy with a ton of flavor, with lots of fat flowing through the pork. The broccoli was mostly lightly cooked and dressed with a lemon sauce.  This was a great dish.

Roasted pork collar
another view
Frankie enjoyed the variety


For dessert we split a Lil John which is chocolate, cream cheese and pecans.  It is like a cream puff filled with cheesecake like substance and topped with chocolate and peanuts.  It was good but not great but a bargain for the price, especially compared to the other desserts.

Lil John
Frankie found a better lit piece of rabbit art

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