Huitrerie Regis, Paris, 12/2/16


Huitrerie Regis is a tiny place that soon after opening has a line to get in, as they are reputed to serve the best oysters in town. That’s the main thing they serve and they come in a couple sizes and varieties but they also have sea urchin, clams and shrimp.  All the trays come on a bed of seaweed and ice and are served on an elevated stand on the table. They offer several wines to go with but with the limited options I imagine the line moves fairly well but there are only 7 tables for two.  We chose to each have a La Dégustation which features a dozen of their most common oyster, Fines de Claires No. 3, a glass of wine and coffee.  The table is set with bread, butter, a vinegar sauce, packaged hand wipes and nice cloth napkins. The staff were very friendly, fun and spoke plenty of English. I found it humorous that their young helper had a pizza delivered for his dinner! Their oysters were ultimately fresh and tasty but certainly not a stuffer meal. Continue reading