The Schooner Restaurant & Lounge, Netarts, OR., 6/25/21


The Schooner Restaurant and Lounge is located at the boat launch for Netarts Bay on the Tillamook Coast.  The source of most of their oysters is from the bay next door and the rest of their seafood is mostly locally sourced.  During lunch we watched a number of small boats launch into the bay and clam diggers hunt for clams.  They are quite popular and there was a line when we arrived at the opening hour.  Most wanted to sit on the large outdoor deck but we chose inside where you could watch the kitchen and wood fired oven.  Indoor the bar is separate from the dining area that has a combination of copper topped tables and booths.  Service was hurried and poor – for example we were told when the server arrived that the daily special was all gone (15 minutes after they opened) then later were told it was still available but she could not change the order we placed.


Frankie found the name on the booth bench
bar counter
interior looking into kitchen
wall with oyster shells



menu link
Frankie couldn’t decide between a beer and Bloody Mary


Cape Lookout Chowder was clam chowder made with Bennett Family Farms milk and focaccia toast.  It was very thick and filled with clams, celery and potatoes.  The clams were good with a nice chew but the focaccia toast was stale and not at all crisp.



Oysters Rockoyaki were Netarts Bay oysters dressed with bacon, greens and garlic motoyaki.  We watched them being baked in the wood fired oven.  They came out very juicy with lots of topping and were quite good.  According to the server this is a signature dish.  It was a good combination of ingredients.

oysters in the oven
Oysters Rockoyaki
Frankie sniffed the oyster


Oysters and Chips contained crispy Netarts Bay oysters with house-made tartar sauce and fries.  The oysters were huge and nicely fried but their heat and moisture spoiled the fries below.  The tartar sauce was good with the juicy, plump oysters and there was a lemon wedge to season them.  A cup of ketchup was also on the plate.

fried oysters


Fish and Chips contained beer-pura battered local cod served with house-made tartar sauce, fries and slaw.  The cod was terrific, moist and breaded with a light crispy coating.  The mild fish was perfect with the coating and good with the tartar sauce.  The fries would only rate okay as many were not crisp.  The slaw was really lightly dressed with no mayo.  It was fine.

froied fish and chips
Frankie watched the fire


For dessert they had a special of strawberry pound cake and we ordered one of to split.  It was like a giant strawberry shortcake with slices of poundcake drenched with macerated strawberries and then topped with mounds of whipped cream and more strawberry juice.  Some sweetened liquid cream decorated the plate.  It was huge and very rich but also sweet and a good ending for a meal.

stawberry and pound cake
Frankie stood on the sign

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