Chabrol, Toronto, 2/4/17


Chabrol is a tiny place with about 19 seats, including barstools. There are 5 small 2-tops and the rest is counter seats facing the minuscule kitchen and service area. There appeared to be a place for patio seating when the weather permits.  They have been in business for just over a year and the place was packed the Saturday we went for lunch.  We were lucky to have received a tip to go there from lovely Amanda Bradley, manager of ALO, who was kind enough to secure us a reservation while we enjoyed her restaurant. Wonderful smells engulf you while you make your choices from the small menu.  They manage to offer a nice selection of wines, even with their limited space, and their friendly and welcoming staff make it an enjoyable dining experience. Our waiter Niall, who also was one of the owners, helped us select some of their highlights.  

Interior and table set up
counter seating with co-owner Niall McCotter on the far right
Frankie looked around
menu cover
menu cover


We started with the cabbage soup which was a nice velouté with a perfect consistency.  The flavor was mild and a terrific accent was provided with great crispy croutons.  A good start for a cold day’s meal.

Savoy Cabbage soup with Creme Fraîche, Espelette Croutons, and Sorrell
wine front
wine back


We also had the foie gras served with salsify, jam and toast.  The toast was nicely un-greasy and when spread with the tasty foie gras and jam was wonderful.  All parts were good on their own but mixed together is when it hit the high note.

Pork Liver Mousse with Toast and Pickled Turnip



The braised lamb shoulder was served with turnips.  It was really herby and tender.  Thyme was a prominent taste for the fall-apart meat that very savory.

Braised Lamb with Glazed Turnips and Thyme
Frankie looked out on the patio, available warmer days
Chef Robinson in kitchen


The ttoro is a seafood soup in the style of southern France.  The broth is seasoned with saffron and filled with perfectly cooked shrimp, mussels, potatoes and 3 kinds of whitefish. I was skeptical but the waiter was sure I’d like it and he was right – it was very good. The broth was lovely and flavorful and the it was amazing how all the seafoods were cooked just right, none tough, dry or overly strong. I would order it again in a heartbeat.



We added the escarole gratin to go with our main dishes and it was covered with a wonderful layer of crispy, buttery crumbs. It was tons of layers and I’m sure a nice dish but it paled in comparison to the two main plates.

Gratin of Escarole, Celeriac and Savoury
Frankie didn’t have much room on the table
Frankie admired all the layers in the gratin


What did stand out was the dessert, apple tart, that had been recommended to get. It is a round of puff pastry with the middle stacked high with thin rings of sliced apples. After it is brought out it is covered with a rich creamy sauce that is a yum x3!  It was perfect with the tender cooked apples. The dish was a dreamy mix of textures and richness and best yet, they left the extra sauce if you wanted more.  I was a satisfied customer here!

presentation of Apple Tarte with Calvados Sabayon
finished product
Frankie stood guard over the extra sauce
a cleaned plate!
counter filled


Niall, being the consummate host brought some nice marzipan candy flavored with lemon and orange to go with our coffee.  They were good but not overwhelming but who cared at this point?

Frankie liked a little coffee
last treat
Frankie found a dish her size
Chef Adam Robinson and Frankie

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