En La Espero Te Esquina, Seville, 1/18/18


En La Espero Te Esquina is a deceptively large place, but you wouldn’t guess it by the windows to the street.  It is on one of the little tangled streets we walked through and stopped in for a snack and a glass of wine.  It was pretty empty late in the evening but they do have a kitchen that cooks food to order and a fair selection of beverages.  The menu was on a chalkboard and included many options we saw at other places.  You placed your order at the counter and he brought it out to you.  The guy working there did not speak much English and less than friendly, but in his defense he seemed to do much better with those that spoke fluent Spanish.  

sign by door
sign by door
counter looking toward kitchen
looking through to other room
looking through to another room


We tried their pork secreto steak and fries.  It was chewy but tasty and came with a slightly spicy sauce on the side.  A good late night snack, but wouldn’t want it for a meal.

meat and fries
Pork secreto Iberico and fries

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