Harbor House Inn, Elk, CA., 8/13 & 14/20

Harbor House Inn

The property where the Harbor House Inn is today was used as a place for the families brought in to work in the lumber industry in the late 1800’s. Goodyear Redwood Company bought the lumber mill and land in 1916 and hired Louis Christian Mullgardt to build a home that would showcase the beauty of the redwoods. Elk Redwood Company bought it in 1932 and from then it changed hands a number of times. In 2005 Jin and Eva Lu purchased the Inn and then closed it in 2013 when they did a 5 year renovation project. They have 6 traditional rooms in the main house and 5 standalone cottages that are on the grounds. We were lucky to stay in the Redwood Room of the main building. Normally I don’t post hotels on this blog but last post here was of the restaurant in the inn and I wanted you to also see the breakfasts that come with the rooms.

old dining room
possible dining tables
the Redwood room
other half of room
view from their patio
one of the cottages
plants on the property

Usually an included breakfast is a trip to the buffet line with steam table food and various bread products. Before Covid hit there were tables set up in the interior as well as the patio where you could have your meal but now they bring it to your room on a tray. You are given a card to make your selections and we basically picked what was included. Some tables were in the ‘lobby area’ but nobody was eating outside their room. There were options if you wanted other stuff but what they gave you was generous and tasty. Eggs were in a couple standard formats or you could chose the chef’s suggestion, which we did. We also got bread and jam, fresh orange juice, coffee and cream, cheese and cured meat. The eggs they were serving were Shirred eggs which are baked in a flat bottom dish. One day they were seasoned with cauliflower and the second day with squash blossoms. They were perfectly cooked and the change of seasonings made them quite each day, even with the same preparation. I scooped up every bit of them. The cured meat was thin sliced and very flavorful. It was good on its own or great with the cheese. The orange juice was lovely with no pulp or seeds. The bread was a hearty sour dough and each day they had a housemade jam as well as butter. It was nicely toasted with great texture. The cheese was from a local place and had a creamy interior. All in all I felt it was worth writing up and including here.

shirred eggs with cauliflower, orange juice, bread, jam, dates, cheese cured meat, coffee, cream with salt and pepper and cloth napkin
closer eggs
Day 2 breakfast – shirred eggs with squash blossoms, orange juice, bread, jam, cheese cured meat, coffee, cream with salt and pepper and cloth napkin
closer toast
closer meat and cheese

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