Stanley, New Orleans, 3/20/21


Stanley is on a corner in Jackson Square by St. Louis Cathedral.  In a tribute to Tennessee Williams their location is near the restaurant Stella that closed in 2014.  They feature all day breakfast/brunch as well as sandwiches and desserts in a casual location.  They are open Thursday to Monday from 8 am to 4 pm.  Outside is a lot of outdoor seating and some well distanced seats inside the place.  It is really popular so be prepared for a wait in popular times.  Service was efficient and friendly.  No reservations are accepted. Continue reading

Harbor House Inn, Elk, CA., 8/13 & 14/20

Harbor House Inn

The property where the Harbor House Inn is today was used as a place for the families brought in to work in the lumber industry in the late 1800’s. Goodyear Redwood Company bought the lumber mill and land in 1916 and hired Louis Christian Mullgardt to build a home that would showcase the beauty of the redwoods. Elk Redwood Company bought it in 1932 and from then it changed hands a number of times. In 2005 Jin and Eva Lu purchased the Inn and then closed it in 2013 when they did a 5 year renovation project. They have 6 traditional rooms in the main house and 5 standalone cottages that are on the grounds. We were lucky to stay in the Redwood Room of the main building. Normally I don’t post hotels on this blog but last post here was of the restaurant in the inn and I wanted you to also see the breakfasts that come with the rooms.

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Kate’s Greek & American, Everett, WA./ 11/8/19


Kate’s Greek & American restaurant is a medium sized colorful place on a busy street near lots of shops.  Booths are on two long sides of the space with tables in the middle.  The chairs are mostly different as are the table cloths.  Windows to the street are on one end and the kitchen and prep area are opposite that.  Above there were 2 large boards with the specials on them.  Lots of art is on the walls and much of it was for sale.  They serve only breakfast and lunch, both all day.  The server was really friendly and offered good advice when ordering. Continue reading

The Brick House Cafe, Cable, 7/21/18


The Brick House is in an old brick house that has a small interior dining space and order counter.  There were also a number of tables on a patio outside and a couple small metal ones on the porch of the house.  A couple of rocking chairs are also on the porch and would be a nice place to enjoy your morning coffee and maybe a muffin.  We were there during the breakfast hour but they also serve lunch and then close at 3:00.  There were lots of flowers around the house and inside, probably because it was summer time.  Inside the walls are filled with placques and pictures and the wall over the coffee machine is primarily about Diners, Drive-ins and Dives visit to the place.  No music is in the background but there was a constant stream of people coming and going.  Natural light comes in through the many windows, but air conditioning is there if it gets hotter.   Continue reading

The Robin’s Nest, Hayward, 5/12/18


Robin’s Nest is about 15 minutes outside of Hayward and a fairly large place spread over several rooms, all with windows to the outside.  It and the kitchen take up most of the room on the first floor of what looks to be an old house.  It has been in business with the same family for 16 years and serves breakfast and lunch.  They had monthly specials when we were there that included a southern fried pork tenderloin served with eggs, potato and toast, and the pancake of the month which was cinnamon raisin.  Tables are nicely spaced and draped with an oil cloth cover.  There is plenty of parking and service is friendly and efficient.  In the back room they had several shelves with products to sell – books, jam, syrup, etc.   Continue reading

Barbec’s Restaurant, Dallas, 9/27/16


Barbec’s has been around as long as I can remember. Located in an old Howard Johnson’s building it serves large, cheap portions of southern style food.  The service is efficient but sometimes you’ll have to ask for something rather than a waitress noticing and asking. They seem to be best known for their beer biscuits which are better at breakfast than at lunch, when they’ve been out of the oven for awhile. They offer a large menu and well priced specials for breakfast and lunch, but it is a cash only business. With the lunch specials there is a huge choice of sides to go with your entree, of which you’ll see a preponderance of chicken fried steak. Continue reading

John’s Cafe, 9/16 & 10/8/16, Dallas,


John’s Cafe dates back to the early 1970’s when it was further north on Greenville. Various lease and sign issues forced them to move slightly northeast for a couple years but then they found a new location on lower Greenville.  It is the same breakfast and lunch place with slightly more seating.  There is a lunch special everyday but John Spyropoulos seems to be mostly popular for his breakfast special, $6.99 for your choice of 2 eggs, choice of bacon, ham or sausage and hash browns and toast or biscuits.  He makes a number of tasty omelets, the Gyro being a favorite. Continue reading

Mis Cazuelas, Dallas, 6/28/16 & 8/2/16


Mis Cazuelas is a really small place of about 5 tables and a counter. There is another larger version further down the street but this cozy location is way better food even though it offers a more limited menu (not everything on the large menu is available at this smaller, original location). Their lunch food is fine but it’s the breakfast (served anytime) that’s my favorite there. It is a cash only place and little English is spoken, but you can get by with pointing at the menu. The kitchen is behind the bar seats and the constant patting that is the background sound is the lady making fresh corn and flour tortillas, as well as the thicker ones for gorditas. It feels a  lot like eating in your grandmother’s kitchen. Continue reading