Grumpy’s, Ketchum, Idaho, 9/4/20


Grumpy’s opened in May 1978 in Ketchum, Idaho and is a favorite of tourists and locals.  It’s a simple menu but it has evolved to now offer tuna, salmon and ham & cheese sandwiches.  It’s frequented by many ski folks as well as the bike crowd in summer.   The walls and ceiling inside are covered with items that each have a story.  You order inside and then can choose one of the booths inside or tables outside.  Inside there is a plexiglass between each booth and outside the tables are distanced and many have umbrellas.  We got there around 3 in the afternoon and there were no empty tables outside.  It’s popular and does not take reservations but does do to-go orders.  They now even have a phone which apparently they didn’t for some time.  They are open daily 11 – 8.  Inside the first thing you notice are the beer cans lining the walls and up the ceiling.  You can easily spend the time waiting for your order checking out all the interesting items or finding obscure cans.

outdoor beer sales
sign out front
order area
Frankie appreciated the hand sanitizer
can wall
Frankie studied the can wall
Frankie looked at all the decorations
burgers waiting to cook
cooking burgers


Beer is the standard and a heavy glass schooner that holds 32 ounces is $7.  We sipped on those while we waited for our 1/4 pound burgers. They also have a 1/2 pound, which I think is 2 patties and extra cheese.  Burgers come with lettuce, tomato, onions (only raw no cooked), cheese and secret sauce.  They come out still slightly pink and dripping with flavor.   The bun was nicely soft and the sauce just enough to moisten and enhance the flavor.  It was really good.  In the little paper basket came the small fries, which are ordered separately.  They are a skinny variety and really crisp and hot.  We got a couple packets of salt which made them just right.  Ketchup was available in individual plastic containers.  I would go back again in a heartbeat and maybe next time I’d find Tom Hanks there, apparently it’s a favorite of his.

Frankie and the Schooner (32 ounce) of beer
1/4 pound burger and fries
opened burger
inside burger still pink
fries closer
stuff for sale
Frankie found her favorite can


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