Duff’s Famous Wings, Buffalo, 9/1/21


Duff’s Famous Wings starting serving wings in 1969 and by 1985 established that their wings were indeed famous in Buffalo, NY.  Duff’s started in Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo in 1946 as a bar.  It is a ‘classic’ in Buffalo with numerous locations.  We tried one in Depew, another suburb, that was close to the airport.  It was a large sterile place with a big parking lot.  Inside was a large bar and many booth-like tables.  The menu offered wings by the count, not pound but also had salads, wraps and sandwiches.  The wings come in several degrees of hotness and with your choice of dipping sauce, but blue cheese is standard.  We had an order of 10 of medium (which is called hot) that came with a couple stalks of unpeeled celery and milled carrots.  The blue cheese dip was tasteless and the medium was what I’d call mildly hot.  The thick sauce adhered to the chicken well and had a nice lingering spiciness in the mouth.  The drummies were on the dry side but the flats had good moistness.  Overall I wouldn’t call them anything special and can getter better in the bars in Texas.

sign on road
Frankie pointed out the menu icon on the napkins
menu 1
menu 2
Frankie posed with a beer sign
Frankie enjoyed a beer
10 wings – medium
closer wings
Frankie pointed out the carrots, celery and sauce
Frankie and the bone bucket

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