Tricycle Ice Cream, Providence, 5/26/22

building – 70 Battey St., Providence, RI., 02903

Tricycle Ice Cream opened in 2014 selling ice cream out of a 3 wheeled     vehicle at markets and such.  The storefront opened in Jan. 2019.  They were inspired by childhood memories and wanted to craft amazing ice cream sandwiched between excellent cookies.  They have regularly changing flavors and combinations ready made at the storefront.  There is a patio next to the building with picnic tables where you can enjoy your treats.  As you enter the small place there are counters you could eat at also.  At the counter you order and pick up your treats and then you just have to wait a few minutes for them to thaw enough to eat.  They now also offer fruit push pops made of sorbet and ice cream filled ‘tacos’ that are made with cone shells.  It is worth a stop if you are in the area.


order counter
Frankie shared details


Ice Cream

Callebaut Chocolate ice cream was between salty pretzel cookies.  The cookies were wonderful and the ice cream was very tasty once it softened some.  Once it thawed, though, it melted fairly fast.

Callebaut Chocolate ice cream, salty pretzel cookies


Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich on Madagascar Vanilla cookies.  The cookies were the star here.  The ice cream was mildly flavored and I found myself eating the cookies and tossing the ice cream.

Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich on Madagascar Vanilla cookies


The Coffee ice cream sandwich came with chocolate cookies and toffee crumbles.  The ice cream had good flavor and once again the cookies were excellent.  The toffee bits on the outside added a nice crunch and some extra rich sweetness to this one.

Coffee ice cream sandwich, chocolate cookies and toffee crumbles
Frankie gave it a sniff


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