Esperanto in Stockholm, Sweden, 6/27/15

Frankie checks out table flowerComing up the stairs

The main Esperanto restaurant (second floor of the green building) was not open due to summer vacation during our visit. Instead they offer a smaller dining room (which is the hallway outside of the regular dining room) and a limited menu in what they call “Franska Sommarsalongen” or French Summer Salon.

Building exteriorEsperanto flag



Plates are easily shared so we ordered one of most of their offerings to get a sample of their fare. We were early and so had a beverage in the outside bar, which was run by another venue and interesting to note all those that wanted to be outside but still had to surround themselves with blankets.

Of the starters the brioche with buttermilk cheese and ramsons was nice but not killer,Brioche, buttermilk chees, ramsons

whereas the cold cuts plate was filled with delicious morsels of homemade salami, pickled cauliflower and cucumbers and pork belly cured for a month and and served with a side of veal meat and liver pate in flakey pastry which was also very tasty.

Cold cuts: homemade salami, pickled cauliflower and cucumbers, pork belly cured for a monthveal meat and liver pate in pastry

The Galette de courgettes with crudite was mild and served with a slightly spicy sauce that made it fun.

Galette de courgettes (zucchini cake), ras el hanout, crudite

The poached duck egg was served fudgy with really stong watercress sauce and bleak roe  -probably my least favorite of the options.

IMG_7165Poached duck egg, veloute of water cress, bleak roe

The early potatoes were surrounded by pea sprout broth and sour cream that made a fun taste combination.

IMG_7174Early potatoes with green juice and sour cream

Next was the Boeuf grille (which was milk cow and amazingly beefy, tender and juicy) and haricot verts served with various salts and tarragon sauce.  The tarragon sauce was lovely but I hated to use it and lose any of that aged beef taste.

Boeuf grille, haricot verts, estragonSalt variations and tarragon cream for beef

We finished with the only dessert, rhubarb tart which was billed to be shared and thus nicely served with 2 bowls of vanilla ice cream. Besides being quite tasty these little touches make you want to come back and try the full restaurant.

Rhubarb Tarte tatin, vanilla ice cream

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