20 Feet, Dallas, 11/25/16


Marc Cassel of Green Room fame started 20 Feet a few years ago and it hasn’t changed much since then. In a strip shopping center, next to a beer-burger joint, it serves a limited menu for lunch and dinner. It is a reasonably large dining room and they have added a plastic enclosed patio with additional dining. I spied A/C and heating units to make it usable year-round.  The mussels from his Green Room days are on the menu but most talk was about their fried fish so that’s what we tried.  It’s a restaurant where you line up at the counter, place your order, pay and then take a number to your table.  They bring your food out to you. There is a large supply of condiments for you to use as well a pitchers of water and tea for refills, however they were nice enough to come around and refill our glasses.  

front counter where you order


Frankie checked out the condiment options
menu cover
menu cover
Frankie looked over the pictures on the napkin dispensers
Dog pillows line the benches


The basket comes with 3 pieces of fried cod, fried shrimp or oysters or combinations of them.  The cod blew away the oysters. A nice crispy, un-greasy coating wrapped the firm white fish. It is served with tartar sauce, red cocktail sauce and lemon wedges and a generous helping of skinny, crispy fries.  Some of the oysters had a fishy taste but worse was the gummy coating that completely smothered their delicateness.

Fried oysters and 1 cod with fries
2 fried cod, fried oysters and fries
Frankie gave it a sniff
Frankie wondered about the greens in with the fries


We tried a piece of their key lime pie for dessert and it came with a nice dollop of whipped cream and a lovely graham cracker crust.  It was yummy.img_5891

from the side
Frankie just wanted the cream
Frankie checked out the patio
Frankie played on the portal

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