Cafe Restaurant Ogenblik, Brussels, 4/25/17


Cafe Restaurant Ogenblik is two small rooms on different levels with windows looking out onto the street and one of the arched Les Galeries Malls.  The marble tables are all set on iron stands with wood benches lining the walls and sawdust coats the floor.  Each table has a light fixture that is adjustable as to the height from the table.  Napkins are of paper but are thick and embossed with the name of the restaurant. Best yet, they have a house cat that walks through the room and is very friendly – what a treat!  


They offer a regular menu as well as daily specials.  Menus are not translated but the waiters speak fine English and are glad to help.  In fact our nice waiter Luis was most opinionated about what we should order and he was spot on.  Portions are generous.

wine menu
wine menu
Table set up


Tables are brought bread and butter after you order and the bread is great, crusty, doughy and very fresh.

Bread and Butter
house cat


For first plates we tried one special, the brochette of scallops and it was delicious.  The scallops were just barely cooked and served in a basil butter sauce with zucchini strips.  It was a sublime taste experience.

Brochette de coquilles Saint-Jacques grillées, beurre au basilic: Grilled scallops with basil butter


The foie gras is on their standard menu but worthy to be there.  It was cool, rich and creamy.  The onions were a nice mix with the wonderful foie gras on the thin crispy toast.  The side salad looked nice but was only a so-so addition, but who cares when foie gras is this good?  It was good on toast, with onions or just eaten by itself. It also was good spread on the house bread.

Foie d’oie Maison with onions
closer foie gras
closer onions
toast for foie gras
Frankie met the house cat


The sole was on the special menu and was available whole or as filets.  We chose the boneless variety and it was scrumptious.  The fish was a firm flake, thin, buttery and not dried out in the least which too often happens with a cut like this.  It was served with a side salad that was okay.  A really tasty entree.

Belle sole meuniere, pommes grenailles: sole fillets with butter and potatoes
room gradually filled


The baby cod was another special and it was served with white and green asparagus and fried potatoes.  If I understood the potatoes were an elongated African variety and they were fried in thin long strips which gave it a wonderful crunch.  The fish was cooked perfectly and had a firm large flake.  The sauce was seasoned with espelette pepper that gave it a nice hint of spiciness and was also excellent with the asparagus.  A great plate!

Skrei poché aux duo d’asperges, mousseline aux piments d’Espelette: Baby cod with 2 kinds of asparagus
little closer
Frankie liked both fish


For dessert the waiter recommended the Spéculoos ice cream.  Spéculoos is a traditional Belgian cookie and they managed to work the flavor subtly into the smooth ice cream.  Served with extra cream and a crisp cookie, it was a fabulous way to end a great meal.

Frankie liked the size of the coffee supplies
Glace au Spéculoos: Speculoos ice cream with cookie
downstairs room
downstairs room
Fun waiter Luis with Frankie

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